A Ticket to Atlantis


In 2016, Lebanese artist Lina Issa and Syrian performer Mayar Alexa developed the performance “A Ticket to Atlantis” together with Argentine musician Santiago Córdoba in Beirut.
Staged at the port of Beirut, the performance links the issues and motivations of refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in the most impressive and sensual manner with the fascination of the utopian haven of Atlantis' possible existence. Interviews the ensemble made with refugees in Syria, the Lebanon and on Lesbos were taken as a basis for the performance.

In collaboration with the Dancing on the edge Festival (The Hague/NL) and the Maschinenhaus Essen/Full Spin Festival, Essen, a revised version with content-related advancement will be developed.
The physical presence of the sea played an important metaphorical role in Beirut. Whoever made his way to Europe as a refugee and arrived in Germany has left the sea behind. Utopia has turned reality, or reality has made him forget utopia. The work that has up to now been preoccupied with the aspect of “setting out on the journey”, is now expanded by the aspect of “having arrived”.

In this context, the German/Dutch/Syrian/Lebanese team will conduct interviews with refugees and those who have arrived, with people who were welcome and also with those who bade them welcome, with the hopeful and the disenchanted.
In Germany, the performance will be staged on the Schurenbachhalde in Essen. In The Hague, performances are planned as part of the Dancing on the edge Festival.


09.07.2017, 21h, Schurenbachhalde, Essen (Meeting Point: Maschinenhaus Essen)
11.07.2017, 21h, Schurenbachhalde, Essen (Meeting Point: Maschinenhaus Essen)
08.-18.11.2017, Den Haag-Scheveningen, on the beach at »Dancing on the Edge« Festival

Lina Issa (Libanon/Niederlande)

Mayar Alexa (Syrien/Niederlande)

Sandra Becker, Charlotte Kath, Fabian Sattler (Deutschland)