What happens when texts, audio files, photographs and videos are brought together on the internet to create a new kind of literature of the city, the result of an urban, poetic research trip? What happens when a lyricist meets a visual artist? What happens when our country viewed through the eyes of refugees becomes the subject of an artistic installation?


DIGITAL POETRY, a long-running event series by the Filmwerkstatt Münster film workshop, aims to research the possibilities of digital poetry and the visual arts, as well as their relationships with each other. It collaborates with the Flemish deBuren Institute, the Dutch video art platform DZIGA (Nijmegen) and the Brussels-based art collective TRIPOT.

Changes in the production of literature and of audio-visual artworks are opening up new possibilities for distribution, presentation and expression. These have the potential to cross borders in all sorts of ways.

In collaboration with the Flemish deBuren Institute, Dutch and German authors, photographers and video artists will explore the city of Münster and publish the results as a ‘city book’, which will be made available on digital platforms.

The video art platform DZIGA, in Nijmegen, is the partner for the German-Dutch collaboration OUTSIDE THE BOX, in which lyricists and visual artists will approach various aspects of ‘translation work’. As well as cross-border networking activities, the project’s discussions around words and pictures will also result in poetry clips.

TRACKING THE SUBJECT is a joint project with the art collective TRIPOT. It will focus on the experiences of refugees on their way to Europe and give artistic expression to these through video installation.



DATES: 06.01. - 03.02.2017: Cuba (Münster)