The Dutch expression »Huis en haard« (home and oven) describes the notion of leaving the known and familiar in order to reach an unknown destination. The 2016/2017 season is for Jugendclub Krefeld (Krefeld Youth Club) exactly that: a departure into the unknown, the uncertain.
In cooperation with the Theater de Garage from Venlo and young Dutch actors, the intention is to determine were the actual border between the Netherlands and Germany runs – and where it runs in our heads: what remains of us if we leave everything behind just like those people do who are currently seeking refuge from wars in the world?
The Unknown, the Other always seem so easy to spot. But what happens with us, our perception, our mind and our heart, when we cross the borders ourselves and become the »Other«.

The intention is to explore together what it is that makes people and social groups define themselves through differences instead of the overall commonality that unites all nations: being human as such.
We want to use self-created texts and videos, our own compositions and a wealth of personal experiences to tear down the (language) barrier and to face our prejudices, explore stereotypes and dare to peak over the fence in the neighbour's garden with full physical involvement and deployment of media.