The German/Dutch project IN AND OUT continues a collaboration that began in 2016, which led to an initial production in association with the Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg.

Further productions are planned for 2017, with partners from Duisburg (Art@Work and the Allerwelt Ensemble) and Rotterdam (Talent voor Gastvrijheid), young refugees and young and senior talents from Amsterdam, Drenthe and Eindhoven. These will run alongside events at prestigious cultural institutions, as well as open air events in the city centres of Duisburg and Rotterdam. The whole project aims to promote an international culture of welcome and transcultural co-operation.

IN AND OUT intends to empower the actors involved by showing them that art can help in dealing with experiences, sharing impressions and ideas and making connections with others. Drawing inspiration from artworks in the museum, the participants will develop their own texts and viewpoints, shaped by their biographies and cultures. Movement, music and images are options if communication through language proves dificult.

The IN AND OUT project will also contribute to the networking and professionalisation of the cultural actors involved. It will offer quality public exposure, and hopes to inspire joy and a sense of achievement in both participants and audience. The experience of recent years has shown that added value from the programme also includes greater understanding and co-operation, both at a day to day local level and a broader European level.




DATES: 27.11.2016: Duisburg