As part of the interdisciplinary project LVMEN, the Cologne dance company ‘Emanuele Soavi Incompany’ meets photographer Joris-Jan Bos and choreographer Cora Bos-Kroese (C-Scope) from The Hague to explore the explosive power inherent in the combination of dance and live photography.

This approach will challenge conventional narrative in terms of content and aesthetics through the use of new software developed by Dutch light and projection specialist Tom Visser, which allows for new perspectives on the performers’ bodies in motion.

The ubiquitous dictatorshipof images and surface in our ‘world of selfies’ has rendered the body itself the main subject, detached from the person and the personal encounter.

Five ‘body experts’, aged between 23 and 60, takeup the challenge. They are joined by a photographer,  who himself becomes a performer and whose own view constantly crosses the boundaries of privacy and intimacy as he simultaneously projects his art. The group dissects the aging process and explores the discrepancies between self-image and external effect.

Motion, text and live photography merge into a complex, cinematic and dynamic structure.

LVMEN is an artistic and structural dialogue that links the different art scenes in the two countries and aims to stimulate an exploration of the cultural self-image of the respective regions.




16.–18.09.2016: Korzo (The Hague)
22.–25.09.2016: Alte Feuerwache (Cologne)
21.10.2016: Parktheater (Eindhoven)